Our Security Services

We want you to have a security system which you can rely on, trust and manage efficiently to protect your company data from the complex new-age cyber threats.

We focus on implementing threat detection and prevention systems tailored to the different types of users within your business. Utilising services with advanced machine learning to detect unusual activity in your network and outside your network. Protecting your data at multiple layers from the cyber attacks at the network perimeter, on mobile devices, within your corporate network, and within your hosted cloud solutions.

New Generation Protection

We like to share our knowledge and experience of working with hybrid applications and environments. Particularly around the complexities of securing new generation cloud integrated solutions. Firstly, work with you to define the best security strategy for your business, understanding the environment, then provide a tailored suite of tools to protect you from cyber attacks.

Cloud Based & Mobile Protection

We enjoy providing security solutions to ensure your business is protected regardless of the data landscape. Our focus is on getting the apposite security components implemented as part of the protection plan for the mobility of your business and its data. This includes the security of networks which are spanned across multiple datacentres, mobile devices and cloud providers.

Maintain, Review & Innovate

We want to optimise your security monitoring and incident detection through our data breach management program. We use 24x7 monitoring of new generation cyber security tools, review changes to your organisation and focus on continuous development of your security strategy. We manage the day-to-day monitoring of your network threat detection and response.

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