Our Cloud Services

We enjoy building cloud environments that utilise services that are new to the industry and add value to your Business. Working with your key stake holders we determine if your project is suited to a cloud based service and advise the best approach to integrate with your existing technologies.

Working with you and your specialised teams, we can plan, design, implement, and manage the day-to-day operations of your cloud services. Our management plans are focussed on the applications running on the cloud services. With this as a focal point, we monitor for changes to cloud offerings and make them available to your applications.

Planning & Analysis

We like to ensure that your requirements are suited to cloud services (as not all are). To do this we spend time with key stakeholders and listen to your ideas. We then workshop, document and outline your resourcing requirements to ensure we have an accurate picture of the scope.

Design & Implementation

We always strive to design for a smooth implementation. We do this by working with our experts in development, security and infrastructure along with your internal teams specialising in these areas. Working collaboratively, we complete the design and implementation of the cloud services projects.

Maintain, Review & Innovate

After the project is implemented we want to ensure the cloud services continue to improve along with your business needs. We regularly review the solution, monitor changes to the cloud offerings and continue to work with you to innovate. We manage Azure services and the application performance. We monitor for changes to cloud offerings and make them available to your solution.

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